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Department: Planning & Zoning

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Planning & Zoning
  • Planning & Zoning
    • Application Fees & Escrow Deposits
      Land Use and Zoning Application Fees and Escrow Deposits (Revised 07/10/18)
    • Certificate of Historic Review Application
      This application is for anyone making changes to the exterior appearance of their building or property and the property is in the Blackwell Street Historic District. The proposed work must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.
    • Development Checklist
      Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Checklist of items to be submitted with a Land Use application. (Rev. 7/11/18)
    • EWSP Application
      Expedited Waiver of Site Plan (EWSP) application form. (Rev. 12/22/2010)
    • Land Use Application
      Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Application Form for Subdivision, Site Plan and/or Variance
    • Land Use Code
      Chapter 236, Land Use and Development - Includes legislation adopted through 09-27-2016. See amendatory Ordinances to date under "Planning & Zoning Department" web page.
    • Master Plan Documents
      The Master Plan Elements can be downloaded from this link.
    • Steep Slope Development Restrictions
      Zoning criteria for restricting development on undeveloped land containg steep slopes
    • Stormwater Management Plan
      This document is the Stormwater Management Plan Element of the Master Plan adopted by the Town of Dover Planning Board on April 27, 2005
    • Zoning Map
      Revised 01/08/2018. This Zoning Map is Full Size (24" x 36") in PDF Format.
    • Zoning Permit Application
      Zoning Permit Application required for a zoning determination or for the construction of a new structure or addition,shed, fence, or sign. The Zoning Permit application must accompany the Construction Permit application. Zoning Permits/Certificates are also a means of extablishing the conformity of an existing or proposed use, structure or property with the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Dover.
    • Zoning Table
      Zoning Table showing the bulk requirements for each zone. (Last Amended 06/02/2010)
    • Development Fee Payment Form
      Development Fee Payment Worksheets for both Residential and Non-Residential Developments for Housing Fund of COAH low and moderate income housing opportunities assistance. Required with Construction Permit Application.