100 Princeton Ave. (Waterworks Park) 

Office Hours:
Mon. thru Fri. 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

TO REPORT A VIOLATION* CALL 973-366-2200 EXT. 2114
​​​​​*(Such as overcrowding, illegal occupancies, or any other issues relating to the maintenance code.)

The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing the Municipal Land Use Law, including the Property Maintenance Code and Zoning Code.

The Certificate of Compliance regulations are also managed and enforced by the Code Enforcement Department.

Department Head:
William Isselin Ext. 2152

Mario Rodriguez Ext. 2164

Alex Dougherty Ext. 2124

Victor Guevara Ext. 2121

Gloria Sanchez Ext. 2114

Lead-Based Paint Coordinator- Principal Cashier Bilingual Typist 

Michelle Espada * Email: mespada@dover.nj.us * Ext. 2116

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