The Town of Dover provides for the regular collection of garbage two (2) times a week.  Residents are permitted to place at the curb a maximum of two (2) containers of garbage (cans or bags) not to exceed 30 lbs. per bag/container per collection.  Additional garbage bags (more than 2 each collection day) or larger items such as furniture & appliances will require the purchase of a special sticker to be attached to each item for disposal.

The Town of Dover requires the use of stickers in the collection of specific types of garbage.  A sticker must be attached to an item before it is placed at the curb for collection.  Large items, tires, or extra bags of garbage placed at the curb without a sticker will not be collected! 


·    Stickers are available for purchased at the Dover Health Department, downstairs at Town Hall, 37 N. Sussex St., between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Please call 973-366-2200, ext. 1120, 1121.





·        White Goods (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, washers, dryers,  stoves, ranges, hot water heaters, etc.)

·        Bulky Items (furniture, bedding, carpets, etc.)

·        Tires (with or without rims)

·        Extra (additional) bags of garbage (30 lb. maximum)




WHITE GOODS:  Refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, ranges, hot water heaters, etc. all require a sticker before placing at the curb.  Doors must be removed from all items!  These items are picked up by the Dover Street Dept. on Fridays only.  The sticker fee for “white goods” with freon refrigerants such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, & dehumidifiers is $20.00 each.  Stickers for all other “white goods” are $10.00 each.

BULKY WASTE:  mattresses, springs, carpeting, large furniture, small machinery, etc., (items that do not fit in a garbage can or bag) require a sticker before being placed at the curb.  These are picked up by the garbage collector on normal garbage days.  The fee for “bulky” item stickers is $5.00 each.


EXTRA BAGS:  Any more than 2 bags per collection day per dwelling unit require an “extra bag” sticker on them prior to going to the curb.  These are also picked up by the garbage collector on normal garbage days. The fee for extra bag stickers is $2.50 each.




If garbage cans are used, put sticker on the bag or item inside the can so it is plainly visible when the lid is removed by the collector.  Do not put stickers directly on the garbage can!  For garbage bags, stickers shall be placed directly on the bag where the collector can easily see it.


For bulky items, furniture, white goods, and tires, the sticker must be put on so it can be highly visible to the collector.  Stickers are not reusable and will be disposed of with the garbage.


Sheetrock, lumber, concrete, etc. from home repairs and renovations will not be collected by the Town Garbage Contractor.  Private arrangements must be made by owner for the disposal of these types of materials generated from a construction project.


All televisions, portable desktop or personal computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, & other types of electronic devices must be recycled. Electronics can not be disposed as regular garbage with a sticker.

Electronics are accepted at the Recycling Center ONLY at 211 N. Sussex Street. Please refer to the Recycling & Solid Waste Newsletter for more information.


Batteries, transmissions, car seats, etc. will not be collected by the Garbage Contractor.  Tires with or without rims will be collected by the Dover Street Department and require the appropriate stickers before being placed at the curb.



Tires with or without rims can be taken directly to the Recycling Center located at the Public Works Department at 211 N. Sussex Street.  If taken to the Recycling Center, the fee for tires without rims is $1.00 per tire.  Tires with rims are $2.00 per tire.  If you wish to have tires collected curbside, a sticker must be purchased and arrangements made at the Health Department, Town Hall, 37 N. Sussex Street.  There is an additional fee of $1.00 per tire for curbside collection.