Dover’s Volunteers Brigade DVB

The constant social transformation that has been present in each urban circle with the multi-cultural and ethnic characteristics of Dover NJ, implies a permanent adjustment of the essential fabric that interconnects all the parties involved. Therefore, it is imperative to constitute a cultural heritage capable of projecting deep roots so that the generational, academic, technological, economic and tradition gap does not continue to be a dividing excuse nuanced with oblivion, but on the contrary an opportunity to build, repair and consolidate cultures, physical and social, that inherit a brand, an identity; the beginning of DOVERISM.

What is DVB?: This is a group of citizens interested in contributing to the good development of recreational, sports, artistic and cultural programs that are implemented to promote the well-being of the community and the good use of free time in the municipality of Dover, New Jersey. All residents, property or business owners, parishioners and in general any individual interested in contributing to the progress and take-off of the cultural field in Dover can participate or integrate this group of volunteers.

To become a volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application and email to