Town of Dover Police Department Members

      Town of Dover Police Department Members
    Contact Information   973-366-2200

Chief Jonathan Delaney
  Captain William Newton
  LT. Oxmani Corona
  LT. Michael Pier
  LT. Joseph Camacho
  SGT. Jonathan Cachola
  SGT. Krzysztof Wojtylo

  SGT. Paul Wilkes
  SGT. Mario Tamariz

  SGT. Boris Sanchez
  P.O. Bryan Flammia
  P.O. Jose Matos
  P.O  Oscar Suarez
  P.O. Ulises Corona
  P.O Jonathan Echevarria
  P.O Christopher Caraig
  P.O Raziel Aragon
  P.O Joel Gotera
  P.O Joseph Dodd

  P.O Samuel Berthoud
  P.O. Juan Concepcion
  P.O. Francisco Aragon
  P.O. Robert Fenske
  P.O. Michael Cordes
  P.O. Dennis Marte
  P.O. Anthony Kelly
  P.O. Anthony Morin
  P.O. German Liranzo
  P.O. Joseph Lobue
  P.O. Emmanuel Padilla
  P.O. Rubens Moreau
  P.O. Errick Williams
  P.O. Christopher Krasnick
  P.O. Kristopher Martinez
  P.O. Joshua Gregoli
  P.O. Christian Fuentes
  P.O. Michael Cannon