The Flu is more than the sniffles.  It’s coughing.  It’s fever.  It’s aching.  And it can lead to pneumonia.  In fact, complications from the flu kill more than 20,000 Americans each year and cause more than 100,000 to be hospitalized (CDC).  The best protection you can get is a flu shot.

The Dover Health Department conducts an annual influenza immunization program in either October or November depending upon the availability of vaccine.  The “flu” shots are free of charge subject to restrictions.

Persons eligible to receive a “flu” shot must be:

·        Residents of the Town of Dover.

·        65 years of age or older

·        Chronically ill children and adults may receive a flu shot by bringing with them a written note signed by their physician requesting that they receive a vaccination.

·        A consent form must be completed.  The form is available in either English or Spanish by clicking “English” or “Spanish.”  You can also obtain the consent forms by visiting the "Form Center" and scrolling down to the Health Department.

·        Medicare eligible persons must first pre-register in person at the Dover Health Department to participate.

For information about Dover’s influenza vaccination program, call the Dover Health Department at:  973-366-2200, ext. 120.


nj state health dept: flu information

Please check the “Events Calendar” during the month of October for the posted program announcement date.