Dover New Jersey, is a vibrant community with a rich and wonderful history and an even more exciting future.

Then: Founded in 1722 by John Jackson by the construction of an Iron forge the Iron industry swiftly formed the backbone of its growth. It was formally established as a town in 1869.

With the attraction of iron, the town quickly grew into a bustling community with the addition of a railroad and later on the prestigious Baker Theater. With famous performers joining its ranks such as Joe Cook, Lou Costello, and Harry Houdini the town had truly become a place to visit.

Now: Dover continues to grow and develop as a thriving community. Over the past years, Dover has experienced astounding development and revitalization, from improvements to the downtown historic business district to several major redevelopment projects. Dover is once again a regional center with a culturally diverse population.

Dover is a hidden gem that offers easy train access to and from New York. The town has an active community that hosts monthly events and is home to an ever-growing collection of fantastic restaurants.


The Dover Historical Society website welcomes you to discover this polished gem and become a part of its vibrant culture.