The Town of Dover no longer collects curbside electronic items such as televisions, portable desktop or portable computers and computer monitors, etc. However, the Town of Dover will accept electronics at no cost at the DPW / Recycling Center located at 211 North Sussex Street.


All-in-One Single Stream Recycling

The recyclables listed below should be placed at curbside in rigid, re-usable, weatherproof containers by 6:00 AM the morning of the scheduled pick-up and removed by 7:00 PM.

1. Aluminum / Tin food and beverage cans, Glass beverage/ food containers (clear, brown & green only) and Plastic containers, co-mingled:


Preparation: Rinse containers, remove and throw away lid or cap and place all materials, together in a standard 30 gallon solid waste container weighing no more than 30 pounds.

Acceptable: beer, soda, juice, iced tea, pet food, coffee, fruit, soup, vegetable, baby formula cans, bottles and plastic containers etc. Only plastic containers with number 1 & 2 will be picked up. Large rigid plastics such as large toys, soda & milk crates, plastic storage containers, etc. are acceptable only if the items fit in the recycling container

Unacceptable: aluminum siding, foil wrap, foil food pans, pie plates, paint cans, aerosol cans, ceramics, mirrors, clay flower pots, crystal, light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, plastic tubs, such as, margarine & ice cream containers and all other containers coded with numbers 3-7, motor oil and antifreeze containers. Plastic bags cannot be used as containers.


2. Mixed paper/magazines and corrugated cardboard:


Preparation: These items may be bundled, flattened & tied securely with twine/heavy string or placed loosely in a standard 30 gal. solid waste container. Total amount not to exceed 30 lb. per bundle/container.

Acceptable: paperback books, telephone books, advertising coupon inserts, shipping cartons, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, coupons, white or colored paper, direct mail ads, fax paper, manila file folders, pendaflex folder (remove metal bar), paperboard (cereal boxes).

Unacceptable: brown or plastic bags, wax coated cardboard, pizza boxes, hard covers, paperback books, telephone books, carbon paper, paperboard cartons from six (6) packs, 12 packs and cases of beer & soda and blue prints.


3. Newspapers (including any advertising or coupon inserts):


Preparation: Paper & Newspapers should be loose;  not tied.

Unacceptable: bundles in brown paper or plastic bags, any other paper.


 4. Tires:


Preparation: Purchase stickers weekdays at the Health Dept. for Friday curbside collection only. All tires delivered to the Recycling Center on Saturdays between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM, can pay a reduced rate and will not require a sticker. Proof of Town residency will be required.


5. Furniture - bulky waste items:


Preparation: Purchase a sticker at the Health Dept. and place at curb on your regular garbage day for pick up.

Acceptable: sofas, chairs, mattress, etc.


6. White goods:


Preparation: A sticker must be purchased at the Health Dept. prior to pick up. Stickers must be purchased by 3:30 PM on Thursday for Friday pick-up.

Acceptable: stoves, refrigerators, washer / dryers, hot water heaters, etc.

Unacceptable: any item that does not have a Health Dept. sticker on it.


7. Yard waste:


Preparation: Bag yard waste in Town biodegradable paper bags.

Acceptable: grass and leaves

Unacceptable: tree branches, rocks, plastic bags, brush, hedge clippings and any other debris

Warning: No brush, branches, rocks, plastic or other debris will be accepted in biodegradable bags. Biodegradable bags will not be collected if these materials are found in these bags.

8.  Electronics: 

Televisions, portable desktop or personal computers, computer monitors, peripherals, other types of electronic devices must be recycled.

Electronics are accepted at the Recycling Center ONLY at 211 N. Sussex Street. Please refer to the Recycling & Solid Waste Newsletter for more information and "Special Notes" below for hours of operation.


9. Leaves:


Preparation: Bag leaves in Town biodegradable bags or reusable cans, or push leaves to gutter for vacuuming. (Purchase for $2.00 for ten bags)

Unacceptable: grass, branches and hedge clippings


10. Brush


Preparation: Small twigs & branches shall be placed in a garbage can or tied in a bundle and placed curbside. Branches shall be no larger than four (4) inches in diameter and six (6) feet long, and shall be stacked neatly at curbside.

Unacceptable: building material, yard waste, rocks, plastics bags or other debris.



11. Used motor oil:


Preparation: Collect in re-usable plastic container, deliver to town recycling center

Unacceptable: anti-freeze, any other liquid


Note: This item can only be brought to the Town Recycling Center on specific days and times. Please check you current recycling newsletter for hours of operation or "Special Notes" listed below.




Town of Dover Recycling Center 
211 North Sussex Street
Dover, NJ   07801


Hours of Operation: please check your current recycling newsletter for up-to-date hours of operation or "Special Notes" listed below.


Call 973-366-2200 exts. 1120 for garbage and/or recycling information.


Call 973-366-2200, ext. 3129 for yard waste, brush, leaves, and/or street sweeping information.


 1. Construction material remains the responsibility of the homeowner. No material will be accepted at the Town Recycling Center. You may put a small amount of material in your garbage can, as long as you only have a maximum of two cans or two bags (30 lb. max. per bag or can) at the curb for pick up.

2. If your pick-up day is canceled due to inclement weather, no make-up date will be scheduled.

3. A sticker must be purchased from the Town Health Department prior to the pick up of tires and white goods. Stickers must be purchased by 3:30 PM on Thursday for Friday pick-up.

4. A sticker must be purchased from the Town Health Department prior to pick up of furniture/bulk waste items (sofas, chairs, mattresses, etc.). These items will be picked up by the Town’s Garbage Hauler on the day of your regular garbage pick up.

5. No Person shall cut or remove any tree upon land within the town unless such removal is in accordance within the Town of Dover Municipal Code. This includes trees that are located between the curb and the sidewalk.

6. Residents whose recyclables were missed must contact the Health Department before 10:00 AM on the morning following the collection day.

7. Chipboard/paperboard cartons from six (6)/twelve-pack holders and cases of beer/soda are no longer acceptable as recyclables.

8. Please identify as to which cans are used for recycling vs. solid waste (stickers are available upon request).

9. The Recycling Center will be open Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

10. Christmas trees will be picked up at curbside through January on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

11. Leaves and Yard Waste can be collected at the curb or brought to the Town Recycling Center during specified hours of operations listed in the current recycling newsletter.