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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Department: Code Enforcement

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    • When do I need a Certificate of Compliance?

      A Certificate of Compliance is required when there is any change of tenant or ownership in all residential and commercial properties in the Town of Dover.  Click "here" for the applications.

    • How soon should I apply for a Certificate of Compliance?

      In the event of a change in tenancy, a Certificate of Compliance should be applied for once the particular unit is suitable for habitability, and before the new tenants are scheduled to move in.  It is recommended that the application be submitted as soon as possible to avoid any holdup.

      In the event of the sale of a property, a Certificate of Compliance should be applied for as early as possible.  This will ensure that the property is in compliance and all of the appropriate approvals are given in a timely fashion as to not delay the closing of the property.

      If you have questions about applying for a Certificate of Compliance, please contact Code Enforcement at (973) 366-2200 Ext. 2114.

    • What do the inspectors look for during a Certificate of Compliance inspection?

      For the Inspection Procedure handout please click "here".

    • When does the heat have to be turned on?

      Every residential dwelling and enclosed, occupied work space shall be supplied with sufficient heat during the period of October 1st to May 1st.  In a residence the temperature must be not less than 68 degrees F during the hours between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., and 65 degrees F during other hours.  In a work space the temperature must be not less than 65 degrees F during all working hours.