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February 07, 2016
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H1N1 HOTLINE: 1-866-321-9571

H1N1 (Swine) Influenza is a contagious respiratory disease. To date, human cases of swine influenza virus infection have been confirmed in the United States. The current strain is a new variation of an H1N1 virus, which is a mix of human and animal versions. For the latest information about H1N1 Influenza, click the following links:

"Centers for Disease Control and Prevention"

"Morris County's Public Health Office"

"Dover Public Schools"

Infectious Diseases:

*Influenza, click "Flu."
*Lyme Disease, click "Lyme."
*West Nile Encephalitis, click "WNV."

Chronic Disease Programs

*Cancer Screenings (male & female), click "Cancer Screening Programs."
*Cholesterol Screening Program (SMAC Blood Test), click "Cholesterol Test."


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