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May 24, 2017
12:08 AM

Fire Department  
Roster of Members  

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Roster of Members


P.H. & L.

Co. No. 1

Vigilant Engine Co. No. 2

Dover Engine Co. No. 1

Board of Fire Wardens

Squad Only

Castaldi, Val

Sullivan, Paul

Frister, John

Woodhull, William

Svoboda, Shelly

McDougall, Paul

Warner, David

Toohey, Thomas

Mattison, Richard

Bell, Kristen

Fegely, Walter

Regelski, Joseph

Sperry, Louis

Kasko, Kevin

Diaz, Edward

Michalski, Walter

Voelker, James Jr.

Rotondo, John

Filipski, John

Betancourt, Alejandro

Thomas, Thomas

Hulmes, William

Sperry, Jon

Machado, Eugenio

Cannon Michael

Cloughley, Rich

Ridner, Edward

Berg, Eric

Cole, Richard


Filosa, Jon

Pivornik, Kenneth

Gilbert, William B

Daly, Raymond


Rosario, Anthony

Svoboda, Douglas

Sperry, Louis P.

Bell, Allen


Carral, David

Hulmes, Mike

Sperry, Jon  Jr.

Thompson, William


Newkirk, Kevin

Steinberg, Michael

Sperry, Robert

Flores, Hector

Uniformed Division


Best, Kyle

Ojedis, Javier

Ohlsen, Arthur IV

Sperry, Jon Jr.

Dickerson, Kyle

Kratz, Thomas

Filosa, John

Ladino, Rafael

Bell, Allen


Warner, Scott



Waagner, Bryan


Ridner, Evan



Rosario, Anthony


Warner, Kurt



Press, Jonathan


Fortunato, Anthony



Kannaley, Chris


George Glander



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