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October 15, 2018
8:24 PM

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Town of Dover Police Department Members

      Town of Dover Police Department Members
    Contact Information   973-366-2200
  Deputy Chief Anthony Smith 4119
  Lt.. William Newton 4180
  Det/Lt. Justin Gabrys 4172
  Lt. Jonathan Delaney 4186
  Sgt. Michael Pier 4180
  Sgt. Charles Peterson 4173
  P.O. William McCarthy 4144
  P.O. Bryan Flammia 4145
  P.O. Louis Sperry 4150
  P.O. Aldo Cicchetti 4152
  P.O Paul Wilkes 4175
  P.O. Jose Matos 4178
  P.O. Ron Camacho 4179
  Det.Oxmani Corona 4182
  Det. Oscar Suarez 4183
  Det.Jonathan Cachola 4185
  Det. Anthony Liguori 4195
  P.O Krzystof Wojtylo 4196
  P.O. Dakota Keyworth 4197
  P.O. Ulises Corona 4198
  P.O Jonathan Echevarria 4199
  P.O Christopher Caraig 4201
  P.O Mario Tamariz 4202
  P.O Raziel Aragon 4203
  P.O Joel Gotera 4204
  P.O. Ilmi Bojkovic 4205
  P.O Joseph Dodd 4210

  P.O Samuel Berthoud 4214







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