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October 18, 2018
1:34 PM

Construction Department (UCC)  

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The Form Center provides you access to an online repository of documents & forms available immediately for viewing or printing. Adobe Acrobat is required to view and/or print most forms.

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Forms associated with the Uniform Construction Code (UCC)
          Permit Application Jacket
          Building Technical Application
          Electric Technical Application
          Plumbing Technical Application
          Fire Technical Application
          Mechanical Subcode
          Elevator Technical Application
          Elevator Registration
          Elevator Subcode Supplement
          Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Data Plate
          Flood Damage Prevention Development Appl
Required to be completed for any proposed development in a "Special Flood Hazard Area"
          UCC Variation Application
          UCC Chimney Certification Form
Form to be used when replacing any fuel fired appliance. This form must be completed by the contractor associated with the scope of work or another contractor (other than the homeowner) that has adequate knowledge of fuel fired venting systems.

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