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Mitigation Project Citizen Survey

Release Date: October 20, 2008
Help identify and reduce the risks Dover faces from various natural hazards.

Dear Dover citizens,


In order to identify and reduce the risks Dover faces from various natural hazards, we are asking you participate in a County-wide on-line survey.  This "Mitigation Project Citizen Survey" is an integral part of the County‚Äôs planning process to reduce the impacts from hazards like flooding, erosion, groundwater pollution and more.


Dover citizens have a wealth of knowledge about the hazards we face.  The first part of addressing or mitigating these problems is to identify them, so we need your help.

FEMA is paying for a portion of this project.  FEMA is requiring all towns to have a Hazard Mitigation Plan to qualify for assistance should we suffer natural disasters in the future. 

Help us help you.  Take a few minutes to complete this survey.  All responses are for official planning use only.  We do not collect your email address and you will not receive any spam or other electronic communications as a result of your participation.


Thank you.  Please CLICK HERE to take the survey now.


Mayor James P. Dodd