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October 15, 2018
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Code Enforcement Department
    Certificate of Compliance
          Certificate of Compliance Appl. (Res.)
Application Form for a "Certificate of Compliance" that is required for any sale or change of tenancy of a RESIDENTIAL property, building or subdivided space
          Certificate of Compliance Appl. (Non-Res.) Part I
Application Form for a "Certificate of Compliance" that is required for any sale or change of tenancy of a NON RESIDENTIAL (Commercial) property, building or subdivided space
          Certificate of Compliance Appl. (Non-Res.) Part II
Business/Alarm Registration Form
          Certificate of Compliance Appl. (Non-Res.) Part III
Fire Prevention Registration Information
          Board Property Compliance Checklist Certification
This form is required when application is made to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment or EWSP Committee.
          Buyer's Certification Letter
Required letter to be filled out completely and submitted for issuance of a Temporary Certificate of Compliance.
          Failure to Provide Required Information (Res./Non-Res.)
All information MUST be provided in order to issue a Certificate of Compliance.
          Inspection Procedure Handout (Res.)
Summary of Certificate of Compliance Inspection Process (Res).
    Code Enforcement
Use this form to file a Code Enforcement complaint. Form is to be completed and delivered to the Code Enforcement Department.
          Property Maintenance Code
Includes Chapter 285 Property Maintenance and Article 13 Property Maintenance (Amended through 1/1/2014)
          Certificate of Registration
“NJSA 46:8-28 Certificate of registration” requires that, in the case of a one-dwelling unit rental or a two-dwelling unit non-owner occupied premises, a landlord shall, at the time of the creation of the first tenancy in any newly constructed or reconstructed building to file this completed application with the Town of Dover. Also, an amended Certificate of Registration must also be filed within 20 days after any changes in the information contained in the last Certificate of Registration.
          Fire Extinguisher Requirements
Requirements for fire extinguishers in one and two family dwellings.
          Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program
Financial assistance is available for the rehabilitation of owner-occupied one-family houses to assist residents in the removal of unsafe conditions in their dwellings, such as plumbing, heating/energy, electrical, lead-based paint, roof, structural, siding and wall masonry, exterior painting, interior improvements and premise repairs. Funding is provided under the local Rehabilitation Program. To be eligible for assistance, applicants must meet federally recognized income guidelines
          Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Location Diagram
Examples of proper placement for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
          Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Fire Extinguisher placement.
Summary of where smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguisher should be placed.
Construction Department (UCC)
Forms associated with the Uniform Construction Code (UCC)
          Permit Application Jacket
          Building Technical Application
          Electric Technical Application
          Plumbing Technical Application
          Fire Technical Application
          Mechanical Subcode
          Elevator Technical Application
          Elevator Registration
          Elevator Subcode Supplement
          Fire Sprinkler Hydraulic Data Plate
          Flood Damage Prevention Development Appl
Required to be completed for any proposed development in a "Special Flood Hazard Area"
          UCC Variation Application
          UCC Chimney Certification Form
Form to be used when replacing any fuel fired appliance. This form must be completed by the contractor associated with the scope of work or another contractor (other than the homeowner) that has adequate knowledge of fuel fired venting systems.
Dover -Victory Gardens Shared Municipal Court
    Municipal Court
          Appeal Package
Engineering Department
    Driveway / Off Street Parking Permit
          Driveway / Off Street Parking Permit
Permit application to construct a driveway or off-street parking area
    Other Engineering
          Map of Dover
Map of how to get to Downtown Dover,Town Hall & other places of interest.
    Street Opening Permit
          Street Opening Permit Application Package
Any disturbance within the Town of Dover Public Right of Way requires a Street Opening Permit. This download includes the Application, Agreement, Bonds, Inspection Requirements and Details necessary for making an application for a Street Opening. Completed Forms, Bonds, Certificate of Insurance and Application Fees should be hand delivered to the Engineering Department.
Fire Department
    Fire Department
          Fire Department Application
Application for membership in the Dover Volunteer Fire Department or Emergency Squad
Health Department
    Dog & Cat Licenses
          Cat License Application
          Dog License Application
    Food & Vending Licenses
          Temporary Food License Application
          Food & Drink License Instruction & Application
          Vending Machine License Instructions & Application
    Health Department
          2018 Recycling & Solid Waste Newsletter
          Influenza Vaccination Consent Form - ENGLISH
          Influenza Vaccination Consent Form - SPANISH
          Organization Chart - Health Department
    Municipal Stormwater Pollution
          Stormwater Pollution Brochure
    Vital Statistics
          Application for a Birth, Marriage, or Death Record
          Death Certificate Authorization Form
Planning & Zoning
    Planning & Zoning
          Application Fees & Escrow Deposits
Land Use and Zoning Application Fees and Escrow Deposits (Revised 02/19/2014)
          Certificate of Historic Review Application
This application is for anyone making changes to the exterior appearance of their building or property and the property is in the Blackwell Street Historic District. The proposed work must be approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.
          Development Checklist
Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Checklist of items to be submitted with a Land Use application. (Rev. 7/11/18)
          EWSP Application
Expedited Waiver of Site Plan (EWSP) application form. (Rev. 12/22/2010)
          Land Use Application
Planning Board & Board of Adjustment Application Form for Subdivision, Site Plan and/or Variance
          Land Use Code
Chapter 236, Land Use and Development - Includes legislation adopted through 09-27-2016. See amendatory Ordinances to date under "Planning & Zoning Department" web page.
          Master Plan Documents
The Master Plan Elements can be downloaded from this link.
          Steep Slope Development Restrictions
Zoning criteria for restricting development on undeveloped land containg steep slopes
          Stormwater Management Plan
This document is the Stormwater Management Plan Element of the Master Plan adopted by the Town of Dover Planning Board on April 27, 2005
          Zoning Map
Revised 01/08/2018. This Zoning Map is Full Size (24" x 36") in PDF Format.
          Zoning Permit Application
Zoning Permit Application required for a zoning determination or for the construction of a new structure or addition,shed, fence, or sign. The Zoning Permit application must accompany the Construction Permit application. Zoning Permits/Certificates are also a means of extablishing the conformity of an existing or proposed use, structure or property with the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Dover.
          Zoning Table
Zoning Table showing the bulk requirements for each zone. (Last Amended 06/02/2010)
Police Department
    Police Department
Forms for Firearms applications on the State Police Website
Recreation Department
          Summer Employment Application
Town Clerk
    Town Clerk
          Application Package for Registered Taxicab and Limousine Owner's License
This package must be completed prior to any approval to operate within the Town of Dover. For Registered Companies Only
          Garage Sale Application
No Garage Sale License shall be issued unless a written application is first filed with the Town Clerk or his or her designee
          Limousine Operator Application
All prospective limousine drivers must complete this application and be approved by the Town of Dover prior to active employment with any company.
          Mobile Vendor Application
Application required for Class I, II, III and IV mobile vendors license.
          Municipal License Application
Application to apply for various required licenses within the Town of Dover.
          State of New Jersey Website for Raffles, Bingo and Game of Chance
The Commission oversees the operation of games conducted pursuant to the Bingo and Raffles Licensing Laws by approximately 12,000 charitable, educational, religious, patriotic, public-spirited organizations and senior citizen associations and organizations
          Taxi Driver's License Application
All prospective taxi drivers must complete this application and be approved by the Town of Dover prior to active employment with any company.
          OPRA Form
Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request Form. Complete and return to the Office of the Town Clerk if you are seeking copies public documents. Copy fees apply (see form).
Water Department
    Water Department
          Application for Water Meter Installation
          Application for Water Reservation
          Application for Water Service Connection
          Water/Sewer Bill Transfer
This form is used to transfer the water and/or sewer billing from the Owner to the Tenant. Completed form must be returned to the Water Department.

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